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Spell Name
Regeant Cost
Spell School
Pristine Mend Full repairs any weapon or armor 1 Glimmer Gem, 1 Sapphire Kranaan
Silence Prevents any type of casting, target spell N/A Riija - Level 5
Ghost Form Turns you into a ghostly apparation Elderberry Riija - Level 2
Dazzle Burns sunlight into target eyes Emeralds Shal'ille - Level 5
Heavenly Forces Shal'ille attack spell Emeralds Shal'ille - Level 5
Aging Temporarily drops target hp Diamonds Faren - Level 3
Shakes Aim Debuff N/A Disease
Monster Call Calls a monster with 300 hp to protect caster. N/A DM Spell Only
Deadly Poison Poison Target N/A Qor - Level 3
Create Scimitar Materializes a Scimitar N/A Kranaan - Level 3