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Item type
Location found
Chocolate mint About 50sh Adds 5 mana Edible Npc-Isis
Wheel of cheese 172sh Adds 50 vigor Edible Npc-Paddock
Contract agreement 12k Offer to henchmen to hire. Contract Npc-Paddock
Eye of Acurracy N/A Aim and Damage are improved Accessory N/A
Wings of Protection N/A Protective Shield Equipment N/A
Bastard Sword About 2,5k A cheap sword Weapon Npc-Fehr Loi'Quan
Broadsword N/A Strongest weapon Weapon Monster-Ghoul's and Wraith's
Treasure Chest N/A Sell for 7k Junk Monster-Ghoul's and Wraith's
Wand of Hellfyre N/A Magical wand Wand Npc-Isis
Ring of Cold Resistance 500sh Approx. Resist Cold Ring Ring Npc-Isis
Ornate Circlet 10k Double Effect of Regular Circlet Accessory Qor Temple
Glimmer Gem N/A Used for pristine mend Regeant Qor Temple
Crossbow N/A Another attack bow Weapon N/A
Bolts N/A Ammo for Crossbow Ammunition N/A
Fire Arrows N/A Ammo for Battle Bow Ammunition Hazar
Ring of X N/A Protects user from Acid Touch Ring N/A
Pickles N/A Pickles Food N/A
Mug of Stunted Dwarf N/A Ale named after the infamous stunted dwarf Food N/A